a sub 21kg velomobile , front wheel drive , silent, sturdy, comfy, minimal, safe cornering speed and wind stability, designed for country roads where other velomobiles get stucked. Making the most of traditionnal ecological and recyclable materials thanks to engineering science. Built to last if properly cared. recyclable

standard bicycle drive train: adaptable, efficient, light, silent
enclosed 20" 406 front wheel drive, easy access for maintenance from the top
adjustable crank axle bracket, modular design to fit any BB standards, compatible with a front derailleur gear shifting or a geared crankset
modular front hub bracket: to fit gear hubs or regular cassette hubs with derailleur
hydraulic front disc brake, for a rotor up to 200mm and compatible with the braking power of a 2 or 4 calipers cylinder
main frame, made of wood, laminated wood, plywood, locally reinforced with carbon fibre or aluminium alloy inserts
Joysticks steering with shifters and brake levers
hybrid mesh + shell seat for good ventilation and back control
4 bars linkage steering : the steering is designed to be stable at any speed, no need to compensate due to the road surface or the road camber, non sensitive to crosswinds or side gusts
Creative Commons License
4 bars linkage rear steering by Olivier & Nicolas chambon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
16" 349 or 20" 406 rear wheels for the bare tricycle version
rear disc brakes, mount compatible with a SON dynamo hub
cargo 55l space
geodetic or plain bamboo shell: light, strong, stiff, durable